Botters are not welcomed!! Read this !

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Botters are not welcomed!! Read this !

Post by zack on Sun Jul 20, 2008 4:18 pm

As we excitedly prepare for our first Major Township Battle in 90 minutes from now, please be aware of some new steps we've put in place to protect the fun gaming experience of our players. Just in case you didn't see Nikaia's post from earlier this morning, I'd like to reiterate for you here.

An emergency maintenance happened this morning to patch a recent outbreak of exploits that were found to be in use. This patch was one of two parts; the second will occur during our scheduled maintenance next week. The next patch will enhance and solidify the patch from earlier today. We take these issues very seriously, and our GM staff has been routinely banning users found to be exploiting the game.

With the launch of the first Major Township Battle later today, we do not want to see ANY exploits in game. Although we made a patch this morning, we understand that there may be a small chance that some hoping to harm your game will be able to find another exploit to use. So, here is the warning that was issued by Nikaia: Anyone in a guild that is found to use an exploit during the Township Battle will have the following occur to them, and their guild:

a. Any cheating guilds will lose all points acquired during the Battle.
b. If a cheating guild is a winning guild, they will be stripped of the title.
c. All participating guild members with knowledge of the member cheating that were in the Battle at the time of the exploiting will have their accounts banned also. (We will investigate our archives to see if this was done intentionally or if there was prior knowledge of the member using exploits)
d. Any reports of exploits done by observers or members of losing guilds that are found during investigation to be false claims will have their accounts banned too.

We understand that these are strict measures, but we will not allow the use of exploits. Players choosing to use them are harming your enjoyment of the game, and we will not tolerate that. It does not matter how much money cheaters have spent or not spent in the game, violators will be removed.

Take this time to warn your guildmates of this policy, the responsibility rests with you to play fairly. There will be no second chances, if you are caught cheating, you will be done in the game. Please review the Terms of Service, section 15 on Account Terminations.

On a similar note, because of the abuse we have been seeing with the handcuffs, they will be removed during that maintenance, too. They will be brought back to the game when their issues have been resolved.

We thank you for your patience and hope that everyone has a great time with the Township Battles today! We look forward to seeing the results and wish everyone luck.

YNK Staff

and here is another one:

GMs are standing by to take your bot/hack report. Anyone, and I repeat anyone, who used a hack today in the wars will be banned, and their guild will lose all, and I repeat all, spoils of war. Not a single person who's reported a hacker has been banned. Why on earth would we do that?! It's the opposite -- we post their names on our Hall of Fame wall in the office. Those banned so far would probably post here to disagree with you.... if they weren't banned.

If you are afraid to turn in your friends for hacking, that's understandable. But don't blame us for that by making up such a ludicrous story. Give us the name of any hackers you witnessed, and we'll investigate it immediately.

FYI, GMs were observers in all battles today, and so was I.

YNK Staff

We dont want any troubles from the botters~ so... botters, plz go away~!!!

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